People's Choice Finalists

The Improv Challenge

This year, To The Beat Dance Challenge wants to allow everyone to compete. Join the competition by choreographing your own dance, and get creative!


-Maximum 1 minute and 30 seconds long.
-All Improve Challenge contestants have the choice of Jazz Improv or Contemporary Improv.
-Songs are provided by To The Beat Dance Challenge, contestants have 1 song option for Jazz, and 1 song option for Contemporary.
-All submissions are due by April 26th.

After purchasing your entry, you will receive an email with your song choices, and submission instructions. Good luck!

The Photogenic Challenge

Feeling comfortable in front of the camera? Enter the To The Beat Dance Photogenic Challenge. Submit your headshot for a chance to win. Once your registration is completed, further requirements and settings will be sent via email to the address provided.