• NOVICE- First Time Competitor or group is more than 50% first year
  • PRE-COMPETITIVE- 5 hours of training or less per week
  • COMPETITIVE- 6 hours of training or more per week
    **all dancers over 11 hours a week of training will be marked as accelerated. If group has more than 50% of dancers are over 11 hours, it will be accelerated.


  • SOLO (1 dancer)
  • DUET (2 dancer)
  • TRIO (3 dancer)
  • SMALL GROUP (4-9 dancers)
  • LARGE GROUP (10-17 dancers)
  • EXTENDED LINE (18+dancers)
  • PRODUCTION (Unlimited Dancers, 5-10 minutes)

Age division is calculated by adding all ages, dividing by the number of performers, and dropping all decimals. Ages are determined as of December 31st 2015

  • PETITE (5-6)
  • MINI (7-9)
  • JUNIOR (10-11)
  • INTERMEDIATE (12-14)
  • TEEN (15-16)
  • SENIOR (17-18)
  • PROFESSIONAL (19-21)
  • ADULT- (22 & Over) Any routine which consists of non-teaching adults.

(All ADULT AND OPEN LEVEL routines are ineligible for Top Studio Awards, TO THE BEAT SHOWDOWN, High Score Awards)


  • BALLET: Classical ballet. Ballet shoes required. Acro tricks are not permitted.
  • CHARACTER BALLET: Ballet style, portraying a character through choreography, costume and story telling.
  • POINTE: Ballet pointe techniques. Pointe shoes are required. ROSIN PERMITTED
  • JAZZ: Traditional jazz techniques and performance. NO MORE THAN 4 ACRO TRICKS OR TUMBLING LINES.
  • LYRICAL: Combination of Ballet and Jazz techniques. An interpretation of lyrics and the ability to tell a story through dance. NO MORE THAN 4 ACRO TRICKS OR TUMBLING LINES.
  • CONTEMPORARY: Incorporation of lyrical and jazz technique. NO MORE THAN 4 ACRO TRICKS OR TUMBLING LINES.
  • MODERN: Interpretive movements using contemporary/modern technique.
  • TAP: Tap technique using rhythms. Pre-recorded Tap sounds will not be permitted. Tap shoes required.
  • MUSICAL THEATRE: Form of dance combining lip-syncing and dance.
  • SONG & DANCE: Live singing required with dance choreography. no mics. live piano is allowed but not supplied.
  • ACRO: Combination of gymnastics and dance choreography. 50% should be acro skills.
  • HIP HOP: street style movement. Acro and break dancing are permitted.
  • OPEN: Any dance style or a combination of dance styles.
  • PRODUCTION: There is no age division for Production entries. Consists of any dance style. Entry must portray a theme or story line throughout the performance. A maximum of 5 minutes is allocated to set up.  Please contact TO THE BEAT DANCE CHALLENGE prior to competition if props are involved.
  • INTERPRETIVE JAZZ / CONTEMPORARY SOLO: Dancers will come out on stage one at a time and  have 1 minute to showcase their performance and overall dance ability in the jazz category. Music will be chosen by TO THE BEAT DANCE CHALLENGE.
  • ETHNIC: A cultural form of dance. Examples are Ukrainian, Highland, and Irish.

*Acro and Productions are allowed unlimited acrobatic tricks
Any routine that exceeds the Acrobatic Trick Limits will be deducted 1 mark per judge. A total of 3 marks.

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