1. When arriving at 2TB, please ensure to pick up your studio owner/teacher bag at the TO THE BEAT DANCE challenge registration table.
  2. Dancers must always be ready to perform thirty minutes prior to their scheduled time.
  3. All entries are to be backstage two numbers prior to performance. Have a teacher check them in with backstage manager.
  4. All entries will perform in the order they are scheduled in program. If for any reason a entry must perform out of order, it must be performed before the end of its category. If the dancer/group performs out of category, the dancer/group will only receive a score and a medal. they will not be eligible for a top award.
  5. Second performance attempts will only be allowed if time is permitting. An entry at a second attempt will receive a medal standing but does not qualify for overall awards.
  6. Any entry that has inappropriate language or content will be penalized and will reflect in score. TO THE BEAT DANCE challenge would to keep its competition family friendly.
  7. No baby powder will be allowed. Only rosin will be acceptable.
  8. Studios will be held responsible for any damages to theatre change rooms. Any personal belongings, costumes left behind at the competition will not be the responsibility of TO THE BEAT DANCE challenge or Vic Juba community theatre.
  9. All judging critiques will be provided in video format.
  10. Cash awards will be given in cheque form to recipient.
  11. PROPS: all props must be put on and off in a quick and fast manner. we are expecting props to not take more than a 2 min set up and take down. if you need longer please request a time so we can adjust schedule accordingly. if you have a large and tall prop, please also email to check dimensions of stage.

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